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This is the show where hosts Jacqueline Lopez and Michael Russer give you a unique perspective on sex, intimacy, and relationships you are not likely to find anywhere else. That’s because Jacqueline is a post-menopausal woman with a South American heritage and Michael is her Life Partner and a clinically impotent prostate cancer survivor. They are international speakers, authors, and thought-leaders in the field of advanced human sexuality and relationships.CA.

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Michael and Jacqueline are co-authors of this highly original heartfelt work written specifically for cancer survivors and their Partners.

They are providing a free downloadable version of this book to members of participating Gilda’s Clubs and Cancer Support Communities. | 805-699-5504

Jacqueline Lopez, Host

Jacqueline is an expert in advanced human sexuality, intimacy, and relationships, and is the co-developer of the ground-breaking Sexual Operating System model of human intimacy.
A testament to strength during life’s many challenges, she has not only overcome many obstacles but has also continued to excel in her personal and professional life. As a motivational speaker, Jacqueline serves as an inspiration to anyone trying to navigate their own path in life and career.
Her rich cultural heritage enables her to bring a very empowering and uninhibited feminine sensuality perspective to this work. This is crucial given how most Western societies tend to be repressed and uninformed with respect to female sexuality. Her stage presence is one of absolute warmth, authenticity, integrity and passion for helping all women achieve their highest possibilities whether within their intimate relationship or as an individual making a difference in the world.
She and her Partner, international speaker, and clinically impotent cancer survivor Michael J. Russer, are co-founders of the SOS Institute of Advanced Human Sexuality with headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA. As part of their “giving back” mission work, they speak to cancer survivors and their partners about regaining intimacy despite their challenges. Just recently they were the featured speakers at the PCRI annual conference in Los Angeles, CA.

Michael Russer, Co-Host

Michael is an international speaker, author and thought a leader who is also clinically impotent due to prostate cancer. In turning what most would consider a huge tragedy into triumph, Michael considers his impotence to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner, Jacqueline Lopez, discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and physical intimacy and connection that far exceeds anything either had prior to when things were working “correctly”. Their deep analysis of how his impotence “re-wired” their approach to and experience of intimacy lead directly to the advanced Sexual Operating System model of human intimate behavior.
It is his personal mission in life to help couples and singles achieve ever-growing levels of extraordinary connection and sexual fulfillment, and create a “firewall” that protects them against diminishing intimacy.